Conceiving a boy

The genesis of the future of our human race rests entirely on us. Human reproduction is thus the most vital instrument that we can use to unfurl the human race into the future. However there are certain prejudices that are perennially persistent in some societies- the affection towards a new-born male over a female is one such ingrained mentality in our society. As a result of this, we often find couples rummaging through the various portals on the internet and medical clinics, so as to understand the nuances of human reproduction and ensure ways for the female to conceive a boy, preferentially over a girl.

Over the years several methods have been devised which claim to have been successful in letting couples chose the sex of the off-spring they desire to have. The prime factor that determines the sex of the off-spring is the phenomenon of ovulation in the female member. This is the process in which an egg cell is released from the female ovary, which is expected to meet the male sperm and fertilise after subsequent intimate interactions. The sexual intercourse should, thus, be synchronised with the ovulation period.

Conceiving a boy

Experts in human reproduction suggest that the sexual intercourse aimed at conceiving a boy should be performed close to the period of ovulation, or just after it. The cervical mucus in the female reproduction tract has a vital role to play in increasing the chances of the conception of a boy. This cervical mucus is the primary centre of nourishment for the weaker but more mobile male sperm and mode of transport to reach the egg cell efficiently. The fluid aids the male Y sperm in reaching the egg cell faster than the female X sperm. Thus the sexual intercourse should be done only when the cervical mucus is present in large quantities inside the female system.

Medical experts also place particular importance on the positions that mating couples get into during the sexual intercourse for successfully conceiving a boy. The primary requirement for conceiving a boy is deep penetration into the female vagina, which prevents the hostile acidic environment near the entrance to the vaginal tract from destroying the male Y sperm, which is highly susceptible to acidic environments. For such deep penetration, specific positions such as the doggy-style intercourse are suggested. In such methods the male member ejaculates into the female system with a rear end entry. The intercourse must be followed by the female member allowing the light and weak boy sperm to mingle within her reproduction system by lying down for some time. This helps the boy sperm in negating the pull of gravity.

Certain experiments have confirmed the necessity of the woman’s orgasms during sexual intercourse. The orgasms are found to have produced certain substances that make the vaginal tract more alkaline than acidic. Such alkalinity automatically aids the movement and survival of the boy sperm within the female system and makes the conception of a baby boy all the more possible. Food habits are also said to form a vital ingredient in the efforts to conceive a boy.

How to Conceive a Boy

Gender Selection Methods

How to Conceive a Boy

The human society has long been known for its tendency to discern the sex of the off-springs, and such a tendency resulted in experts going on a witch hunt for ingenious techniques to achieve the aforesaid purpose. Such gender selection methods have been allotted a fancy alibi of ‘family balancing’ and have been prevalent in our society since ancient ages. Let us indulge ourselves in a small discussion on the various methods that are generally employed to identify the sex of a conceived baby.
One of the most trustworthy methods that has come into widespread acceptance in recent times one of the most reliable gender selection methods is the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) method.

In-Vitro fertilization method

In this method, the mother is allowed to undergo the ovarian stimulation, following which a number of eggs are removed from her reproduction system and placed under simulated conditions in a medical laboratory. The father’s sperm is then taken alongside the female eggs and made to fertilize artificially. The fertilized egg cells (now called embryos) are then allowed to undergo mitosis and in undergoing this biological process the fertilized egg cells get segregated on a sexual basis. After the separation is accomplished, the embryos of the desired gender are reinserted into the uterus of the female member. Thus, this method is based on implanting the embryo of a certain sex into the mother’s womb directly after fertilization, so that the unwanted girl sperm(X sperm) has no chance to fertilize in the female system.

Dr. Ronald J. Ericsson

Dr. Ronald J. Ericsson came up with a pioneering gender selection method in the 1970s. This method has thus been named after its ingenious advocate as the ‘Ericsson Method’. Dr. Ericsson primarily stressed on the need to augment the concentration of a particular sex sperm, so as to automatically increase its chances of fertilizing over the less desired sex sperm. This method advocates the separation of the boy(Y) and girl(X) sperms by filtering them through a column filled with blood protein and human serum albumin. The method is based on the tenet that the Y sperm is lighter than the X sperm, thus when fed into the column of protein, the Y sperm is able to negate the pull of gravity more efficiently than the heavier X sperm and thus ends up penetrating deeper into the column. However, such a method of separation creates impure stratums of sperms segregated on sexual basis and is hence not widely accepted.

How to conceive a boy

Flow cytometry can also be used to differentiate between the two varieties of human sperms. This method uses a laser beam to directly separate the two sperms and later use the desired sperm in as many ways as possible. The other methods to decipher the sex of the infant inside the woman’s womb include the timing methods like Shettles and Whelan which posit the timings of sexual intercourse as being vital to the determination of the sex of the conceived baby.

How to have a baby boy

Though widely prevalent across the length and breadth of the world, gender selection has been legally banned at many places. Such legal whips have however been unable to control the natural human tendency to give rise to off-springs of only the desired sex and the number of gender selection methods proliferates with every passing day.

Best Position to Get Pregnant

How to Conceive a Boy

Faulty body positioning by individuals engaged in sexual intercourse can decrease the chance of conceiving a baby. The discussion below focuses on the best positions to get pregnant.

Missionary Position

The missionary position is said to be the best position to get pregnant. This position entails the male partner to lie upon the female member during intercourse- such a positioning facilitates easy entry of the male sperm into the female cervix. One of the prime reasons underlying successful pregnancy is deep penetration by the male partner into the sexual organ of his partner. Such deep penetration effectively augments the chances of the sperm reaching the egg manifold and creates helpful conditions for subsequent fertilisation. Since the female member stays down, the sperm does not need to negate the pull of gravity while moving towards the egg. To culminate this method, it is suggested that the woman lie for some time with her hips propped up against a comfortable buttress.

Sexy Couple - How to have a baby boy

Doggy-Style Position

The doggy-style position is another method that has garnered a decent acceptance for itself in recent times as one of the best positions to get pregnant. It is mainly based on the rear-end entry by the male and is aimed at facilitating the entry of the sperm into the female cervix. The female member has to lie on her knees for the male to make successful forays into the sexual organ of his partner. Once the intercourse is over, the female member is advised to lie on her back for some time with her hips propped up as in the missionary position.

Stress Reduction

Many more innovative methods of sexual intercourse have come into limelight recently, following the overuse of the aforesaid methods. Mating couples are often subjected to undue stress which emanate from factors such as problems at workplace. Medical experts often point out the harmful role of such unwelcome stress in the sexual life of a couple.

Along with knowing the best positions to get pregnant, it is also important to take care care of yourself mentally and physically. At times couples have complained of failure to accomplish pregnancy even after using various tried and tested positions for intercourse. This actually occurs when the partners in an intercourse are physically or mentally eroded, either due to fatigue or stress. Such factors inhibit female orgasms which are the primary forces behind the successful movement of the male sperm to the female egg.

The Female Orgasm

The contractions that occur during a female orgasm aid in pushing the male sperm up to its desired destination- the female egg cell. Mentally and physically troubled couples are thus often advised to brighten their moods before engaging in a intercourse, as the culmination of a satisfying intercourse can be brought about only if the mating partners are emotionally and physically ready to delve deep into each other’s sexual sanctums.

Diet to Conceive a Boy- Bring on the Calories

Diet to Conceive a Boy

A high calorie diet can greatly enhance the probability of conceiving a baby boy. This has been substantiated by experiments across the world, although it is difficult to prove. Let’s start by looking at foods that are high in alkaline. A diet rich in alkaline foods decreases the acidic nature of the cervical fluid. This aids the Y chromosome sperm to travel fast into the woman’s reproductive system thereby resulting in a boy being conceived.

Foods to Eat

Foods like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes lemons, pumpkin etc are alkaline in nature. When following a diet to conceive a boy, it is important to select foods that are easily available locally and fulfill your nutritional needs without stretching your budget. High calorie diets helps a lot to determine the sex of the baby. At least 400 calories a day is must for a pregnant lady to increase to chance to have a baby boy. Starvation is a big no-no. This will only give advantages to the X sperm better to perform.

How to Conceive a Boy

Best Time to get Pregnant

Best Time to get Pregnant

Correct knowledge and judicious decision-making are the key to a satisfying sexual life for a couple, the satisfaction which they seek to culminate in a pregnancy for the female member and a happy family life thereafter. Hence, the need to understand the correct tick of the clock for the female member to conceive acquires added importance at a time when mating couples are becoming increasingly more fastidious in their sexual issues. The knowledge of the best time to get pregnant is an essential component of a successful pregnancy.
Several trials and experiments have been conducted under laboratory conditions to determine the best time for a woman to get pregnant. There is actually a loose imbalance between the number of sperms that a male member lets out with each ejaculation and the solitary egg cell that the female member is able to furnish during a specific period of time. The successful amalgamation of this female egg and the male sperm is what ultimately leads to a successful pregnancy for the female member.

The male sperm is however not active immediately after ejaculation- it undergoes a gradual metamorphosis which prepares it to meet the egg cell in full readiness. This process of metamorphosis of the male sperm is called Capacitation. A male sperm can withstand the conditions inside the female system for a period of five days, and hence the five days preceding the day when the female ovulates indirectly turns out to be the best time for pregnancy.

The Fertile Window

In the medical terminology this period is called the ‘Fertile Window’. Experts on this subject claim that the exact day of ovulation is not the ideal time to achieve the target of pregnancy, instead the days just preceding that ovulation day are more conducive for the female member to conceive successfully.
The female menstrual cycle acquires particular importance because of the chain of events in it which ultimately determine the fertilization of the female egg cell. The egg is released from the ovaries during the ovulation period and this egg then slowly slips down through the Fallopian tube. This is the time when the ideal egg cell is expected to meet an active male sperm and fertilize. If such a sperm is not found, the egg fails to fertilize and is expelled from the female system through her monthly period.

Cervical Mucus

Medical experts also claim that the primary determinant for the mating between the male sperm and female egg cell is the cervical mucus, which aids in the movements of the male sperm within the female reproduction system. Its lubricating effect is helpful to the male sperm’s movements through the female vagina and it also performs the role of providing vital nourishments to the male sperm which may otherwise perish under the conditions imposed on it inside the female system. The presence of the cervical mucus is, thus, a necessity for the success of an intercourse and it is the time when the cervical mucus is present in plenty that the intercourse should take place. Incidentally, this commonly does occur during the days preceding the ovulation. Thus, the best time to get pregnant indirectly turns out to be closely before and after ovulation.

How to Conceive a Boy- It is Possible!

How to Conceive a Boy


It is possible to choose the gender of your baby!


Couples all throughout time have been interested in choosing the gender of their next child. Being able to know how to conceive a boy or girl creates an opportunity for your family to grow in a way that I’m sure you can only imagine. This website exists to share practical tips and scientifically proven information to those prospective parents who want to ensure the birth of their next little boy.

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How to Conceive a Boy

How to Have a Boy – 3 Easy Steps

Let’s get scientific!

It is important to know how the sperms that carry the X and Y chromosomes are very different. The Y chromosome is responsible for conceiving a boy and an X chromosome is responsible for conceiving a girl. The Y sperm swim very quickly, are smaller, and don’t live as long as the X sperm. Although they swim faster than X sperm, Y sperm must reach the egg quickly or they die off, leaving the x sperm to fertilize the egg.

Timing Intercourse

With this information, the methods on how to conceive a boy make a lot of sense. A big part of it is timing. You need to time intercourse as closely as you can to ovulation. The Y sperm only have so long to reach the egg before they die and you need to give them a chance to get there before they die and the X sperm finishes the job. If you can time intercourse to the exact day that you ovulate, you are greatly increasing your chances of helping the Y sperm reach the egg and you having a baby boy.
How to Conceive a Boy
The Right Sexual Position

Those sexual positions that allow for deep penetration are those that increase your chances of conceiving a boy. By allowing the man’s penis be as close as possible to the cervix during the ejaculation, the Y sperm will have less distance to cover in their journey to the egg. You may think, “Do that little bit of distance really matter?” and the answer is “Yes”. The vagina is very acidic and is a deadly environment for sperm. This can be seen by the fact that pregnancy does not happen with every ejaculation. This is usually because the sperm have died before they reach the egg. With less distance for the Y sperm to cover, it is more likely that they will out swim the X sperm and safely make it to the egg.

The most common position for deep penetration include the women dominant ones. These include penetration from behind, commonly referred to as “doggy-style”, or “reverse-cowgirl”. Along with the correct position, it is greatly beneficial if the woman has an orgasm before the man. This changes the PH of the fluids inside the vagina and makes them more friendly to the sperm carrying the Y chromosome.

You are What You Eat (And So is Your Child)

The food you consume can impact the gender of your child greatly. In the case of how to have a boy, you should eat foods that contain sodium and potassium. Bananas are a perfect food for this. Some other recommended foods are peaches, red meat, and corn. While you should not overdo it on the sodium, small amounts definitely can be helpful when you are trying to have a baby boy.

Please note: these methods are not foolproof, but have been tested extensively. The most important thing about your baby is that he or she is healthy and happy, but if you would like to see how an experienced midwife named Alicia Pennington has had a 94% success rate with her patients using natural gender selection methods, please head over to Her ebook is on sale now and has a 60-day, money back guarantee. If you serious about learning the real tested and proven methods on how to conceive a boy, place your trust in a women who deserves it, check out her ebook. If for some odd reason you want to return it (which you won’t), the option is there.

How to Conceive a Boy